The Witness by Nora Roberts – Audiobook Review

October 6, 2014

Elizabeth has a problem. She is a normal girl who just wants to cut loose and have fun. But her controlling mother will not allow her to do so much as think of such things. Finally fed up with the ongoing maternal tyranny, Elizabeth decides to buck off her mother’s restrictive rules for a night of drinking and fun in a night club. While she is there, she finds herself drawn to the seductive Russian accent of a man she does not know, and before long she lets him take her to a house on Lake Shore Drive. What happens there changes her life forever

Twelve years later, Abigail Lowry is living just outside a small town amidst the Ozarks. She is a freelance programmer who designs custom, high-tech security systems. Perhaps her own biggest customer, in addition to having one of her security systems installed, she also has a large arsenal of weapons and a fierce guard dog. This fascinates the police chief of the small town.

Brooks Gleason is intrigued by Abigail, who is like nobody else in town. She keeps to herself. She is secretive, logical, entirely unromantic and unapproachable. He finds this combination both alluring and frustrating. But he also gets the sense that Abigail is the way she is because she needs to be protected from someone or something. What that is, he doesn’t know, but he is determined to find out.¬†The Witness¬†tells the heart-pounding tale of Brooks, Abigail, and the secrets one wants to uncover, while the other wants them to go away.

Nora Roberts, born in Maryland in 1950, has been writing romance and mystery novels for over 25 years. She has published more than 200 books under her own name and a small collection of pseudonyms. Despite her vast success, she continues to work hard at her craft, writing a minimum of eight hours a day, every day. She and her husband live in Boonsboro, Maryland, as well as owning vacation property in Ireland.

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