Audiobook Retailers

We’ve compiled below a list of online audio book retailers and CD rental services to help you find the titles you’re looking for in the format you require. Each of these services is unique in their own way, but all offer great customer service and a huge selection of titles. We want to recommend only top-tier, customer focused services so please send us your feedback, positive or negative, about your experience. offers over 150,000 combined audiobook titles (downloads and CDs). The unique thing about is that they offer the most comprehensive assortment of titles in both downloadable and CD formats. Though you can only sign up for a plan that supports one format or the other (not both), we figure most will prefer one over the other anyway due to the technology they use to play their audiobooks.


  • - Download Audio Books or Rent Books on CDOver 150,000 combined audiobook titles available!
  • Download products are compatible with Apple’s iPad, iPod and iPhone and all Android devices.
  • Download plans starting at $14.95/month (1st month free), rental plans starting at $15/month.
  • Full selection of CD audiobooks available for purchase at discount prices.
  • Either plan can be cancelled at any time without penalty.
  • No late fees, no due dates.
  • Free shipping both ways.