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October 19, 2011

Everybody knows that students in law school have very little time due to their rigorous class work and studying.  This is because the legal system is extremely complex.  Not only are there many laws at many levels (federal, state, city, and so on) but they are often open to interpretation during the legal process, with potential applications changing on a case by case basis that allows for new precedents to be set all the time.  In short, law is a tough field to enter, and my friend, who is a lawyer for an Overland Park child support center agrees.  But it’s not only legal students that need to be aware of business law; business students should also have a basic understanding of how the legal system works in regards to business so that they can do their best to comply.  And for those that would rather listen than look, there are tons of resources on audio book concerning the learning of business law.

  1. Business Law Today: Comprehensive Edition by Roger LeRoy Miller and Gaylord A. Jentz.  This audio book has been cited by listeners as a business law course that is perfect for beginners as the language is accessible and there are plenty of case studies to exemplify the material being covered.  In addition to discussing current trends and cases in business law, Miller and Jentz go over the legal environment, talk about what makes business law so exciting, and offer material that is relevant to students interested in taking the CPA.  In short, it is a comprehensive overview of business law that will appeal to a wide variety of business-related studies.
  2. Law School Legends Serieswith Various Speakers.  There are several audio recordings in this lecture series, which offers actual lectures given by the most popular law professors teaching today.  Each professor condensed the highlights of his or her course into a single lecture in order to impart the pearls of wisdom that only their students have been privy to.  Whether you’re interested in corporations, agency and partnership, sales, income tax, secured transactions, bankruptcy, professional responsibility, or any number of other fields related to business law, this series can provide you with information from the best minds lecturing on the legal profession.
  3. Exam Questions and Explanations Business Law Test Prep Software by Irvin Gleim.  For those who have been in school for business or business law and are ready to take their theoretical and practical knowledge and turn it into a profession, the Business Law Test may be one step along the path to a career.  In some cases, it is required for licensure or it may be a prerequisite for other, more targeted exams.  For that reason, prepping for this test is crucial.  And this audio book can help you to do it in the car, the shower, or anywhere else that you can listen and learn (even if you’re doing something else).
  4. Business Law & Professional Responsibilities by Nathan M. Bisk.  One of the most important areas of business law revolves around accounting practices (after all, people are in business to make money).  Although the goal of this audio course is to prepare prospective business accountants to take the CPA exam, it can also be helpful for business students looking to stay in compliance with the many financial regulations that all businesses are subject to.
  5. Business Associations Law by John Connell.  So far you’ve seen audio books to help those looking to go into business or become a CPA.  But what if you’re headed for the bar exam?  This will help those looking to enter the legal profession (with an emphasis on business law) to prepare for one of the hardest tests out there, covering topics like liability, contracts, capital, management, corporations, and more.

Sarah Danielson is a contributing writer for the Maryland Injury Lawyer Group at Price Benowitz LLP. The firm has offices in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, and New York and handles DUI, criminal, immigration, personal injury, and disability cases.

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